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CUB supported the ALA EH TIKME 101 event, organized by the Batangas City Development Cooperative Council (BCCDC) held on June 14, 2024 at Xentro Mall, Alangilan, Batangas City. This youth-focused gathering brought together representatives from laboratory cooperatives and primary cooperatives in Batangas City.

Ala Eh Tikme 101 aimed not only to share the purpose of laboratory cooperatives to the younger generations but also to engage them through various activities. The event featured a Vegetable Cooking Contest showcasing the culinary creations of six laboratory cooperative, SIDC, SIBBAP, Tulo MPC, Malalim MPC, San Isidro MPC (SIMCO) and Talumpok Silangan MPC. Attendees also enjoyed physical activities including table tennis exhibition games and mentally stimulating board games like scrabble and chess.

To further educate participants about the significance of laboratory cooperatives, testimonials were shared by members of ZOE Credit Cooperative and SIDC lab. cooperatives. Their stories highlighted how kids and teenagers can learn the importance of saving and managing money from a young age, emphasizing the valuable skills gained through involvement in cooperatives.

The Ala Eh Tikme 101 successfully combined fun and learning, providing a platform for the youth to explore and appreciate the benefits of cooperative membership.

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