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Who We Are

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The Cooperative Union of Batangas area of operation is within the Province of Batangas.  Its principal office located at Capitol Building, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City.

The cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB) is as Secondary Cooperative and our advocacy is to provide training/s seminar/s and technical assistance to all our active primary cooperative members.  

The Union will provide linkages from among primary cooperatives to different stakeholders, local and international, that will enable the former to improve its services through digitization and create more market thus increased production and savings.

Corporate Leadership
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Message from the Office
of the Chairperson

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Welcome to the Cooperative Union of Batangas offcial Website.


Since its establishment in 1979, CUB once proved one of my favorite quotations which state: “Our Greatest Glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”.

After those challenging years, the Cooperative Union of Batangas constantly strives to provide value to its stakeholders through sincere performance of its mission to create and promote programs and services for the advancement of primary cooperatives and their communities in the province of Batangas. Leveraging on the strength of technology, CUB is now ready to reach more and provide a wealth of information and digital resources, anytime from anywhere, about its advocacy, services, and activities.


This website is a manifestation of the union’s mantra to invest in growth for the benefit of everyone. As we adapt to an environment that is dramatically changing at a speed toward digitization, the Union hopes to connect, inspire, and serve more people. To its 292 member-cooperatives, CUB recognizes and appreciates your contributions to the cooperative movement. As envisioned, the Union will remain as your ally in conquering new horizons to shape a better future for the people and communities we serve.


Truly, our aim is Collaboration and Upscaling without Bounds. Thus, as you explore and discover more through this website, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Dr. Angelito B. Bagui

Chairperson of CUB

Representative of SIDC

Corporate Leadership


Crispin U. Berana

Vice Chairperson of CUB

Representative of

Tilambo Multi-Purpose Cooperative


Restituto  D. Andal

Director of CUB

Representative of

Batangas Sugar Planters Cooperative Marketing Association (BSPCMA)


Marlito M. Gamier

Director of CUB

Representative of

Inicbulan Waterworks

Multi-Purpose Cooperative


Fernando H. Magpantay

Director of CUB

 Representative of

Lodlod Multi-Purpose Cooperative


Emmanuel A. Munda

Director of CUB

Representative of

San Jose Workers Multi-Purpose Cooperative  


Flor P. Ilagan

Director of CUB

Representative of

St. Raphael Archangel Parish 

Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SRAP MPC)


Engr. Felino M. Magpantay

Director of CUB

Representative of

Lobo Agro-Industrial Development  Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LADEMCO)


Marisa T. Villoso

Director of CUB

Representative of

Samahang  Magsasaka Anak ng Makulot  Multi-Purpose Cooperative(SMAMMC)


Teresa L. Carandang

Director of CUB

Representative of

Balakilong Credit Cooperative

mam celia pic_edited.jpg

Celia L. Atienza

Director of CUB

Representative of

PCDO Employees Multipurpose Cooperative


Carol G. Hernandez

Treasurer of CUB

 Representative of PCLEDO


Lalyn V. Garcia

Representative of PCLEDO

Cooperative Union of Batangas



Myra P. Ebora

Executive Officer of CUB

Representative of

Malalim  Multi-Purpose Cooperative

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The Board of Directors


CUB Staff

CUB STAFF_2\.png

Neil Owen A. Binay


Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB)


Jhonas R.Garcia

Executive Assistant

Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB)


Edmir A. Salazar Jr.

Admin Staff

Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB)

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The CUB Staff

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The CUB envisioned a vibrant cooperative movement actively supporting and contributing to the realization of a just, prosperous and peaceful society.

Our Mission

The CUB’s role is the capacity development and strengthening of its members through training support services, providing access to information, education and communication, raising awareness of members and advocating for policy formulation, enactment and enforcement to the advancement of cooperatives.

Objectives and Purpose

  • To plan and to implement programs of cooperatives education/training and seminars to stakeholders;

  • To provide audit and legal services to the members;

  • To adopt the modern challenges of technology;

  • To encourage all registered primary cooperatives in the Province to become members of the Cooperative Union of Batangas

  • To promote cooperation among members;

  • To provide technical services, consultancy services/mentoring to its members;

  • To provide linkages from among primary cooperatives to different stakeholders, local and international, that will enable the former to improve its services through digitization and create more market thus increased production and income.

  • To provide assistance to the primary cooperative-affiliates in developing and improving their products and facilitate marketing linkages to government and private entities that will help them become more productive, innovate and quality-oriented entrepreneurs;

  • To facilitate and conduct trainings and seminars and to render such other services that will augment the funds of the Union; and

  • To engage in advocacy activities that promotes the welfare of its Member-affiliates.​

Cooperative Pledge

As a Filipino I am and I believe in the Cooperative. Alone I am weak But with others I am strong. 


So I commit myself to work to cooperate, For all to be prosperous. Harmony, industry I will value. Cooperative affairs I will attend. 


Responsibilities I will assume. The cooperative philosophy I will live. One vision, one belief, one feeling,  In cooperativism, my life I pledge So help me God.

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