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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB)?
    Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB) is a secondary cooperative established in 1979. We are dedicated in promoting the welfare and development of the cooperative sector in the Province of Batangas. Part of its advocacy is training and seminars for our member cooperatives.
  • Who can be a member?
    Registered Primary Cooperatives and Federation in the province of Batangas.
  • How to be a member?
    Fill out the google membership application form, submit required documents and attend the scheduled PMES.
  • Who will be the authorized representative of the Cooperative to the union?
    Any elected officers (BOD, Election, Audit Committee & appointed General Manager or Manager) of the primary cooperative that is a member of the Cooperative Union of Batangas;
  • What are the benefits/priviledges that a member/ affiliate could enjoy?
    1. Free trainings and seminars 2. Technical assistance such as but not limited to coaching, mentoring, consultancy and legal advices. 3. Augmentation/assistance on External Auditor Professional Fee. 4. Marketing and Product Development Assistance. 5. Assistance in setting up manual and computerized accounting system/bookkeeping.
  • What are the challenges encountered by the Cooperative Union of Batangas?
    CUB Challenges 1. The challenge on co-op governance. 2. The challenge on developing new/innovative products and services for the members. 3. The challenge on 100% CETF remittance by the affiliates- cooperative.
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