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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The Cooperative Union of Batangas took the COOP GALA NIGHT as a great opportunity to recognize its Top 10 Cooperative affiliates which have remitted the highest amount of CETF to the union, namely: 10)BHPI Multi-Purpose Cooperative; 9) Grand TELOF Employees and Community Multipurpose Cooperative (GTECMPC); 8)Alupay Multi-Purpose Cooperative; 7)BATELEC I MPC; 6)Sangkap Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SANGKAP MPC); 5) Bauan Doctors MPC; 4) Agro-Industrial Cooperative of Mataas na Kahoy (AICOM); 3) Bago (Ibaan) MPC; 2) Ibaan Market Vendors and Community MPC; 1) Batangas Health Care MPC

The Mariposa MPC was also awarded for its commitment and consistent remittance of CETF for years, and SIDC for its commitment and continued participation in CUB's Blood Donation project with Red Cross Batangas Chapter.

As the guests came together at their most captivating and best attire for the Gala, the organizer presented different on the spot awards including Kabogera pose from each district, Female Head-Turner of the night & Male Head Turner of the night, Male & Female Sparkling Star of the Night and King & Queen of the Night. The King and Queen of the Night who not only stole the attention of the crowd but also exuded elegance were Mr. Cleofe Pastor Ebora of Malalim MPC and Ms. Ruby Olaso of Tulo MPC, respectively.

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