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Investing in Growth
for the benefit of Everyone.

Empowering Cooperatives. Supporting Communities.

Empowering Cooperatives.

Supporting Communities.

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Message from the Office

of the Chairperson

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Welcome to the Cooperative Union of Batangas Official Website.


Since its establishment in 1979, CUB once proved one of my favorite quotations which state: “Our Greatest Glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”.

After those challenging years, the Cooperative Union of Batangas constantly strives to provide value to its stakeholders through sincere performance of its mission to create and promote programs and services for the advancement of primary cooperatives and their communities in the province of Batangas. Leveraging on the strength of technology, CUB is now ready to reach more and provide a wealth of information and digital resources, anytime from anywhere, about its advocacy, services, and activities.


This website is a manifestation of the union’s mantra to invest in growth for the benefit of everyone. As we adapt to an environment that is dramatically changing at a speed toward digitization, the Union hopes to connect, inspire, and serve more people. To its 292 member-cooperatives, CUB recognizes and appreciates your contributions to the cooperative movement. As envisioned, the Union will remain as your ally in conquering new horizons to shape a better future for the people and communities we serve.


Truly, our aim is Collaboration and Upscaling without Bounds. Thus, as you explore and discover more through this website, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Dr. Angelito B. Bagui

Chairperson of CUB

Representative of SIDC

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Message from the Office

of the Provincial Governor

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My warmest greetings to the Cooperative Union of Batangas.

The Provincial Government of Batangas has always been a staunch advocate of cooperativism. In fact, it was our administration in the early 1990’s that ushered in the cooperative movement across our cities and municipalities, and created a department fully dedicated to it. We have always believed that your organizations are among the government’s most committed partners, as we seek to attain a genuine, inclusive and long-term progress in our barangays.


Today, the Cooperative Union of Batangas stands as the biggest cooperative association in Batangas Province. Founded on billions of pesos in combined assets and members’ equity, your cooperatives have become ideal business channels for capital and resources, and for cascading knowledge and skills down to the grassroots.

We continue to support and promote cooperativism, led by our dynamic Provincial Cooperative Livelihood and Enterprise Development Office. We have  gone a long way, but we maintain raising public awareness and consciousness on the vital role  of cooperatives in social and economic development.


May you carry on with your great work, as individual cooperatives, and work well together, as an  association, as you endeavor to reach new heights and trailblaze into new frontiers for the  benefit of your members and communities.


We are still in the middle of a pandemic, while we earnestly monitor a more active Taal Volcano.  But I have faith in our solidarity and teamwork, and trust in our cooperation. Despite the  seemingly tall odds, I am certain that, together, we will continue to work together towards a  brilliant and more empowered future in a Province of Batangas that is gallant, courageous, and  heroic; truly Batangas Magiting.

Mabuhay ang Cooperative Union of Batangas! Mabuhay ang Lalawigan ng Batangas!


Provincial Governor of Batangas

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Message from the House

of the Representative


It is both my honor and my privilege to be part of the Cooperative Union of  Batangas (CUB) family. Your creative ways are significantly effective to  motivate and inspire cooperatives and fellow cooperators.

The cooperative sector has dealt with enormous difficulties this time of  unprecedented uncertainty. As we continue to endure the pandemic, we must embrace and take it as a challenge to pave for necessary new tools to cope up. This will be a greater opportunity to learn and provide more space  for improvement.


I would like to express my highest gratitude and appreciation to CUB, during  the period of crises, you increase the value of cooperation, solidarity and  provide relief strategies among cooperatives and beneficiaries. May you  continue to be a strong threshold and guiding beacon to the needs and  interests of the sector. I hope that through your efforts, CUB progresses even  more in the years to come and be able to help more members of our society

Hon. Rico B. Geron

Representative, AGAP Party List

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Message from the PCLEDO Batangas

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Undoubtedly the Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB) has returned to its peak as the most established and operating secondary cooperative in the province; it has, even Surpassed the Union's past milestones in terms of membership turn-out, activities and initiatives undertaken and the prospect for further development of individual primary-members and the Union in general. 

The revitalization of the Union is indeed with me as I was "forced" to transfer to PCDO (now PCLEDO) in 2007, the CUB then was in dire need of resuscitation. Thanks a lot the"bravery" of those who took the challenge though with hesitation, saving the death of the Union, especially to Chairperson Dr. Lito Bagui and the members of the Board of Directors. But not to ignore the trusting primaries whose confidence (to the Union) had been rebuilt and strengthened, again my "kudos" to the leadership. Such transfer and partnership resulted to what and where our sector is now in the arena of institutional development. 

My deepest appreciation for continuously engaging with us, the "CUB-PCLEDO Batangas Alliance" will always bring forth our common aspiration for coop development and sustainability. We, the leaders in both (CUB and PCLEDO) will leave our respective organizations in due time, but having regimented the partnership, the same will continue to flourish even further and tighter. 

For the sake of our cooperatives, the sector and the movement, we continue working as ONE SOLID BLOCK. Mabuhay ang KOOPERATIBA, MABUHAY ANG LALAWIGAN NG BATANGAS! 

Celia L. Atienza

Department Head, PCLEDO Batangas

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Message from the Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines


My warmest greetings to all the members of Cooperative Union of Batangas!

We pursue our dreams not because they are easy to achieve, we pursue  

our dreams because they make us happy and fulfilled. Thus, just like a small  fish trying its best to swim against the current, we use all of our faculties to  reach our longed destinies. 

The cooperatives in CALABARZON were not just gravely affected by the  

imposed quarantines in the past year. Before COVID-19 was concluded to be  a worldwide pandemic, we were already facing the effects of the eruption of  Taal Volcano. Two big blows in a row. Such a chance in a lifetime it was, and who would have thought that it would be in our generation.

The cooperatives in Batangas, despite these challenges have shown  

resilience, strength and dedication. It was no secret to us the initiatives  undertaken and the application of various strategic ways done by the  cooperatives to thread their way through. With the amount of will power  shown during those trying times, it feels like, whatever happens in 2021, most  likely it will….. just happen.

Whatever may be around, the cooperatives will dodge or guzzle to be strengthened and will just be the same, ‘the vehicles for inclusive growth and  social justice for all.’

Coming from my deepest gratitude and appreciation, I pray that the Cooperative Union of Batangas will continue to shine the brightest when  darkness fell. I hope and pray that your light will be like an unceasing desire  to spread the values and principles of cooperatives.

God bless to all of your members, mabuhay kayong lahat…

Salvador V. Valeroso

Regional Director,

Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines




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